This site exists to publish analyses of the work of truth-tellers, in an effort to contribute to and broaden the conversation, and content will accumulate slowly over a protracted period of time.

Information on some of the truth-tellers whose work will be discussed can be found below.

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WikiLeaks is the most infamous publishing organisation in the modern world and rightly so. Founded in 2006, it achieved particular prominence with a series of high-profile releases in 2010, that have continued to the present day. In 2015 alone, WikiLeaks have published:

– The ‘Hacking Team‘ Emails

– The ‘TiSA‘ Core Text

– A collection of NSA documents about spying on France

– The ‘Saudi Cables’

– The ‘Sony Archive

– Prior to the release of the full searchable texts, WikiLeaks published several leaked chapters of the highly controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, namely:
– The Intellectual Property Chapter
– The Environment Chapter
– The Investment Chapter
– The Pharmaceuticals Chapter

…and much, much more.

WikiLeaks has also continued to support major whistleblowers including, most recently, the Trident nuclear whistleblower William McNeilly and alleged hacker Lauri Love.

WikiLeaks’ Sarah Harrison is the Acting Executive Director of the Courage Foundation – an organisation formed to raise funds and advocate for whistleblowers and their families.

[It would take a lifetime to analyse the countless millions of documents released by WikiLeaks so instead Decipher You will analyse a selection of these, on an as-able basis in a way that is sustainable for our volunteer authors. If you are able, we ask that you donate to WikiLeaks directly through the Freedom of the Press foundation, or donate to Courage and help make life a tiny bit easier for those who risk everything to tell hard truths.]


Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden requires no introduction but many of his releases are under-utilised.

The vast treasure trove of related information available in the public sphere is best catalogued by the Cryptome archive, which keeps a count of the total number of pages released across all outlets as well as a list of various websites that house related information and analysis.

The nature of the documents released with each mainstream article published about them is such that many other precious nuggets of information lay between the lines – stories that may have been missed, but which fresh eyes can discern and write about.

It is that opportunity which partially inspired the creation of this site and here we aspire to one day do exactly that – to mine the gems hidden in plain sight.

Edward Snowden has a fantastic website chock full of information about him and his situation. It also contains a thorough back-catalogue of released documents and a search function.

If you wish to donate to his legal defense fund you may do so here.

Snowden has been lauded worldwide for his acts of courage and if there is any justice, will one day return home to a parade and a medal rather than political persecution and a jail cell.

His successful asylum application in Russia has allowed him to speak to audiences around the globe via video link and there are dozens of video interviews with him available online. We highly recommend that you view these and judge the man yourself, rather than base your opinion merely on what you read or view in the mainstream TV news about him.

In doing so you will discover why he has become an icon of our time; a warrior in the push back against widespread governmental over-reach and intrusion upon the civil liberties and privacy of everyday citizens.


Field of Vision

Field of Vision is a groundbreaking new project by The Intercept co-founder, Oscar-winning documentary film-maker Laura Poitras and partners A.J. Schnack and Charlotte Cook.

Presenting original content on sometimes controversial social justice themes, the releases are deeply introspective, thought-provoking, topical and modern.

Despite how high profile the launch of the project was, there seems to be a mysteriously limited amount of film reviews of the mini-documentaries available online.

As they clearly speak truth, we have chosen to analyse and promote some of the pieces here.


More to come!